Useful species

For each species, you will find information concerning the botanical family, the place of origin, the period of flowering, as well as an estimate of its value as producer of nectar or pollen.

This can be used to estimate the interest of a given environment from the apiarian point of view, or to select species to constitute a mellific garden.

Apiarian value

The apiarian value is the sum of an index of the pollinic value (ranging between 0 and 5) and of an index of the nectarific value (ranging between 0 and 5). The maximum note is thus 10. Example: p3n5=8 corresponds to an pollen index of 3, an nectar index of 5, and a total value of 5+3=8.

We give the apiarian value for each mellific plant.

Pollen search

Use the menu to reach information on a given plant and its pollen.

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